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Directory structure#


Under Construction

C++ package#

├─ config
│   ├─ foo_ros.param.yaml
│   └─ foo_non_ros.yaml
├─ include
│   └─ <package_name>
│      └─ foo_public.hpp
├─ launch
│   ├─ foo.launch.xml
│   └─
├─ src
│   ├─ foo_node.cpp
│   ├─ foo_node.hpp
│   └─ foo_private.hpp
├─ test
│   └─ test_foo.cpp
├─ package.xml
└─ CMakeLists.txt

config directory#

Place configuration files such as node parameters.

For ROS parameters, use the extension .param.yaml. For non-ROS parameters, use the extension .yaml.

Rationale: Since ROS parameters files are type-sensitive, they should not be the target of some code formatters and linters. In order to distinguish the file type, we use different file extensions.

include directory#

Place header files exposed to other packages. Do not place files directly under the include directory, but place files under the directory with the package name. This directory is used for mostly library headers. Note that many headers do not need to be placed here. It is enough to place the headers under the src directory.


launch directory#

Place launch files (.launch.xml and

src directory#

Place source files and private header files.

test directory#

Place source files for testing.

Python package#