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Node diagram


Vehicle kinematic state#

Current position and orientation of ego. Published by the Localization module.


trajectory to be followed by the controller. See Outputs of Planning.

Steering Status#

Current steering of the ego vehicle. Published by the Vehicle Interface.

  • Steering message (github discussion).
    • builtin_interfaces::msg::Time stamp
    • float32 steering_angle

Actuation Status#

Actuation status of the ego vehicle for acceleration, steering, and brake.

TODO This represents the reported physical efforts exerted by the vehicle actuators. Published by the Vehicle Interface.

  • ActuationStatus (github discussion).
    • builtin_interfaces::msg::Time stamp
    • float32 acceleration
    • float32 steering


Vehicle Control Command#

A motion signal to drive the vehicle, achieved by the low-level controller in the vehicle layer. Used by the Vehicle Interface.