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Rosbag replay simulation#


  1. Download and unpack a sample map.

    • You can also download the map manually.
    gdown -O ~/autoware_map/ ''
    unzip -d ~/autoware_map/ ~/autoware_map/
  2. Download the sample rosbag files.

    gdown -O ~/autoware_map/ ''
    unzip -d ~/autoware_map/ ~/autoware_map/


  • Sample map and rosbag: Copyright 2020 TIER IV, Inc.
  • Due to privacy concerns, the rosbag does not contain image data, which will cause:
    • Traffic light recognition functionality cannot be tested with this sample rosbag.
    • Object detection accuracy is decreased.

How to run a rosbag replay simulation#

  1. Launch Autoware.

    source ~/autoware/install/setup.bash
    ros2 launch autoware_launch logging_simulator.launch.xml map_path:=$HOME/autoware_map/sample-map-rosbag vehicle_model:=sample_vehicle sensor_model:=sample_sensor_kit

    Note that you cannot use ~ instead of $HOME here.


  2. Play the sample rosbag file.

    source ~/autoware/install/setup.bash
    ros2 bag play ~/autoware_map/sample-rosbag/sample.db3 -r 0.2 -s sqlite3


  3. To focus the view on the ego vehicle, change the Target Frame in the RViz Views panel from viewer to base_link.


  4. To switch the view to Third Person Follower etc, change the Type in the RViz Views panel.