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Support guidelines#

This page explains the support mechanisms we provide.


Before asking for help, search and read this documentation site carefully. Also, follow the discussion guidelines for discussions.

Choose appropriate resources depending on what kind of help you need and read the detailed description in the sections below.

Documentation sites#

Docs guide shows the list of useful documentation sites. Visit them and see if there is any information related to your problem.

Note that the documentation sites aren't always up-to-date and perfect. If you find out that some information is wrong, unclear, or missing in Autoware docs, feel free to submit a pull request following the contribution guidelines.


Since this documentation site is still under construction, there are some empty pages.

GitHub Discussions#

If you encounter a problem with Autoware, check existing issues and questions and search for similar issues first.

  • Issues

    Note that Autoware has multiple repositories listed in autoware.repos.
    It is recommended to search across the repositories.

If no answer was found, create a new question thread here. If your question is not answered within a week, then @mention the maintainers to remind them.

Also, there are other discussion types such as feature requests or design discussions. Feel free to open or join such discussions.

If you don't know how to create a discussion, refer to GitHub Docs.

GitHub Issues#

If you have a problem and you have confirmed it is a bug, find the appropriate repository and create a new issue there. If you can't determine the appropriate repository, ask the maintainers for help by creating a new discussion in the Q&A category.


Do not create issues for questions or unconfirmed bugs. If such issues are created, maintainers will transfer them to GitHub Discussions.

If you want to fix the bug by yourself, discuss the approach with maintainers and submit a pull request.



Autoware has a Discord server for casual communication between contributors.

The Autoware Discord server is a good place for the following activities:

  • Introduce yourself to the community.
  • Chat with contributors.
  • Take a quick straw poll.

Note that it is not the right place to get help for your issues.

ROS Discourse#

If you want to widely discuss a topic with the general Autoware and ROS community or ask a question not related to Autoware's bugs, post to the Autoware category on ROS Discourse.


Do not post questions about bugs to ROS Discourse!