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AI PR Review#

We have Codium-ai/pr-agent enabled for Autoware Universe repository.

The workflow#

Workflow: pr-agent.yaml

How to use#

When you create the PR, or within the PR add the label tag:pr-agent.

Wait until both PR-Agent jobs are completed successfully:

  • prevent-no-label-execution-pr-agent / prevent-no-label-execution
  • Run pr agent on every pull request, respond to user comments


If you add multiple labels at the same time, prevent-no-label-execution can get confused.

For example, first add tag:pr-agent, wait until it is ready, then add tag:run-build-and-test-differential if you need it.

Then you can pick one of the following commands:

/review: Request a review of your Pull Request.
/describe: Update the PR description based on the contents of the PR.
/improve: Suggest code improvements.
/ask Could you propose a better name for this parameter?: Ask a question about the PR or anything really.
/update_changelog: Update the changelog based on the PR's contents.
/add_docs: Generate docstring for new components introduced in the PR.
/help: Get a list of all available PR-Agent tools and their descriptions.

To use it, drop a comment post within your PR like this.

Within a minute, you should see 👀 reaction under your comment post.

Then the bot will drop a response with reviews, description or an answer.


Please drop a single PR-Agent related comment at a time.