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Vehicle dimensions#

Vehicle Axes

The base_link frame is used very frequently throughout the Autoware stack, and is a projection of the rear-axle center onto the ground surface.

  • Localization module outputs the map to base_link transformation.
  • Planning module plans the poses for where the base_link frame should be in the future.
  • Control module tries to fit base_link to incoming poses.

Vehicle dimensions#

Vehicle Dimensions


The distance between front and rear axles.


The distance between left and right wheels.


Overhangs are part of the minimum safety box calculation.

When measuring overhangs, side mirrors, protruding sensors and wheels should be taken into consideration.


The distance between the axis centers of the left wheels and the left-most point of the vehicle.


The distance between the axis centers of the right wheels and the right-most point of the vehicle.


The distance between the front axle and the foremost point of the vehicle.


The distance between the rear axle and the rear-most point of the vehicle.


Total length of the vehicle. Calculated by front_overhang + wheelbase + rear_overhang


Total width of the vehicle. Calculated by left_overhang + track_width + right_overhang

Wheel parameters#

Wheel Dimensions


The lateral width of a wheel tire, primarily used for dead reckoning.


The radius of the wheel, primarily used for dead reckoning.


Wheel Dimensions

The polygon defines the minimum collision area for the vehicle.

The points should be ordered clockwise, with the origin on the base_link.

Wheel orientations#

If the vehicle is going forward, a positive wheel angle will result in the vehicle turning left.

Autoware assumes the rear wheels don't turn on z axis.


The vehicle used in the illustrations was created by xvlblo22 and is from