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Sensing Launch Files#


The Autoware sensing stacks start launching at autoware_launch.xml as we mentioned at Launch Autoware page. The autoware_launch package includes tier4_sensing_component.launch.xml for starting sensing launch files invocation from autoware_launch.xml. This diagram describes some of the Autoware sensing launch files flow at autoware_launch and autoware.universe packages.


Autoware sensing launch flow diagram


The Autoware project is a large project. Therefore, as we manage the Autoware project, we utilize specific arguments in the launch files. ROS 2 offers an argument-overriding feature for these launch files. Please refer to the official ROS 2 launch documentation for further information. For instance, if we define an argument at the top-level launch, it will override the value on lower-level launches.

The sensing launch is more related to your sensor kit, so if you want to modify your launch, we recommend applying these modifications to the packages. Please look at creating sensor and vehicle model pages for more information but there is are some modifications on which can you done at top-level launch files.

For example, if you do not want to launch the sensor driver with Autoware, you can disable it with a command-line argument:

ros2 launch autoware_launch autoware.launch.xml ... launch_sensing_driver:=false ...

Or you can change it on your autoware.launch.xml launch file:

- <arg name="launch_sensing_driver" default="true" description="launch sensing driver"/>
+ <arg name="launch_sensing_driver" default="false" description="launch sensing driver"/>