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This API manages destination and waypoints. Note that waypoints are not like stops and just points passing through. In other words, Autoware does not support the route with multiple stops, the application needs to split it up and switch them. There are two ways to set the route. The one is a generic method that uses pose, another is a map-dependent.



State Description
UNSET The route is not set. Waiting for a route request.
SET The route is set.
ARRIVED The vehicle has arrived at the destination.
CHANGING Trying to change the route. Not implemented yet.


The set_route_points and set_route APIs have route options that allow applications to choose several behaviors regarding route planning. See the sections below for supported options and details.


[v1.1.0] Autoware tries to look for an alternate goal when goal is unreachable (e.g., when there is an obstacle on the given goal). When setting a route from the API, applications can choose whether they allow Autoware to adjust goal pose in such situation. When set false, Autoware may get stuck until the given goal becomes reachable.