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AWSIM simulator#

AWSIM is a simulator for Autoware development and testing, initially developed by TIER IV and still actively maintained.

AWSIM Labs is a fork of AWSIM, developed under the Autoware Foundation, providing additional features and lighter resource usage.

Feature differences from the AWSIM and AWSIM Labs#

Simulator Features AWSIM 1.2.1 AWSIM Labs 1.0.0
Rendering Pipeline HDRP URP
Resource usage Heavy Light
Can reset vehicle position on runtime
Multiple scene and vehicle setup
Multi-lidars are enabled by default
Radar sensor support
Can toggle vehicle keyboard control from GUI
Development Features AWSIM AWSIM Labs
Unity Version Unity 2021.1.7f1 Unity LTS 2022.3.21f1
CI for build
CI for documentation generation within PR
Main branch is protected with linear history


AWSIM Labs supports Unity LTS 2022.3.21f1 and uses the Universal Render Pipeline (URP), optimized for lighter resource usage. It introduces several enhancements such as the ability to reset vehicle positions at runtime, support for multiple scenes and vehicle setups on runtime, and multi-lidars enabled by default.

To get started with AWSIM Labs, please follow the instructions.


AWSIM runs on Unity 2021.1.7f1 using the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), which requires more system resources.

To get started with AWSIM, please follow the instructions provided by TIER IV.