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Node diagram


Autoware relies on high-definition point cloud maps and vector maps of the driving environment to perform various tasks. Before launching Autoware, you need to load the pre-created map files.


  • Point cloud maps (.pcd)
  • Lanelet2 maps (.osm)

Refer to Creating maps on how to create maps.


Point cloud map#

It loads point cloud files and publishes the maps to the other Autoware nodes in various configurations. Currently, it supports the following types:

  • Raw point cloud map (sensor_msgs/msg/PointCloud2)
  • Downsampled point cloud map (sensor_msgs/msg/PointCloud2)
  • Partial point cloud map loading via ROS service (autoware_map_msgs/srv/GetPartialPointCloudMap)
  • Differential point cloud map loading via ROS service (autoware_map_msgs/srv/GetDifferentialPointCloudMap)

Lanelet2 map#

It loads a Lanelet2 file and publishes the map data as autoware_auto_mapping_msgs/msg/HADMapBin message. The lan/lon coordinates are projected onto the MGRS coordinates.

  • autoware_auto_mapping_msgs/msg/HADMapBin
    • std_msgs/Header header
    • string version_map_format
    • string version_map
    • string name_map
    • uint8[] data

Lanelet2 map visualization#

Visualize autoware_auto_mapping_msgs/HADMapBin messages in Rviz.

  • visualization_msgs/msg/MarkerArray