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Code owners#

The Autoware project uses multiple CODEOWNERS files to specify owners throughout the repository. For a detailed understanding of code owners, visit the GitHub documentation on code owners.

Purpose and function of the CODEOWNERS file#

The CODEOWNERS file plays a vital role in managing pull requests (PRs) by:

  • Automating Review Requests: Automatically assigns PRs to responsible individuals or teams.
  • Enforcing Merge Approval: Prevents PR merging without approvals from designated code owners or repository maintainers, ensuring thorough review.
  • Maintaining Quality Control: Helps sustain code quality and consistency by requiring review from knowledgeable individuals or teams.

Locating CODEOWNERS files#

CODEOWNERS files are found in the .github directory across multiple repositories of the Autoware project. The autoware.repos file lists these repositories and their directories.

Maintenance of CODEOWNERS#

Generally, repository maintainers handle the updates to CODEOWNERS files. To propose changes, submit a PR to modify the file.

Special case for the Autoware Universe repository#

In the autoware.universe repository, maintenance of the CODEOWNERS file is automated by the CI.

This workflow updates the CODEOWNERS file based on the maintainer information in the package.xml files of the packages in the repository.

In order to change the code owners for a package in the autoware.universe repository:

  1. Modify the maintainer information in the package.xml file via a PR.
  2. Once merged, the CI workflow runs at midnight UTC (or can be triggered manually by a maintainer) to update the CODEOWNERS file and create a PR.
  3. A maintainer then needs to merge the CI-generated PR to finalize the update.

Responsibilities of code owners#

Code owners should review assigned PRs promptly. If a PR remains unreviewed for over a week, maintainers may intervene to review and possibly merge it.


Unreviewed pull requests#

If your PR hasn't been reviewed:

  • 🏹 Directly Address Code Owners: Comment on the PR to alert the owners.
  • Follow Up After a Week: If unreviewed after a week, add a comment under the PR and tag the @autoware-maintainers.
  • 📢 Escalate if Necessary: If your requests continue to go unanswered, you may escalate the issue by posting a message in the Autoware Discord channel 🚨. Remember, maintainers often juggle numerous responsibilities, so patience is appreciated🙇.

PR author is the only code owner#

If you, as the only code owner, authored a PR:

  • Request a review by tagging @autoware-maintainers.
  • The maintainers will consider appointing additional maintainers to avoid such conflicts.

Non-code owners reviewing PRs#

Anyone can review a PR:

  • You can review any pull request and provide your feedback.
  • Your review might not be enough to merge the pull request, but it will help the code owners and maintainers to make a decision.
  • If you think the pull request is ready to merge, you can mention the code owners and maintainers in a comment on the pull request.