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Sensing component design#


Sensing component is a collection of modules that apply some primitive pre-processing to the raw sensor data.

The sensor input formats are defined in this component.


  • Abstraction of data formats to enable usage of sensors from various vendors
  • Perform common/primitive sensor data processing required by each component

High-level architecture#

This diagram describes the high-level architecture of the Sensing Component.



Input types#

Sensor Data Message Type
Point cloud (LiDARs, depth cameras, etc.) sensor_msgs/msg/PointCloud2.msg
Image (RGB, monochrome, depth, etc. cameras) sensor_msgs/msg/Image.msg
Radar scan radar_msgs/msg/RadarScan.msg
Radar tracks radar_msgs/msg/RadarTracks.msg
GNSS-INS position sensor_msgs/msg/NavSatFix.msg
GNSS-INS orientation autoware_sensing_msgs/GnssInsOrientationStamped.msg
GNSS-INS velocity geometry_msgs/msg/TwistWithCovarianceStamped.msg
GNSS-INS acceleration geometry_msgs/msg/AccelWithCovarianceStamped.msg
Ultrasonics sensor_msgs/msg/Range.msg

Design by data-types#