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Autoware partners provide datasets for testing and development. These datasets are available for download here.

Bus-ODD (Operational Design Domain) datasets#

Leo Drive - ISUZU sensor data#

This dataset contains data from the Isuzu bus used in the Bus ODD project.

The data contains data from following sensors:

  • 1 x VLP16
  • 2 x VLP32C
  • 1 x Applanix POS LV 120 GNSS/INS
  • 3 x Lucid Vision Triton 5.4MP cameras (left, right, front)
  • Vehicle status report

It also contains /tf topic for static transformations between sensors.

Required message types#

The GNSS data is available in sensor_msgs/msg/NavSatFix message type.

But also the Applanix raw messages are also included in applanix_msgs/msg/NavigationPerformanceGsof50 and applanix_msgs/msg/NavigationSolutionGsof49 message types. In order to be able to play back these messages, you need to build and source the applanix_msgs package.

# Create a workspace and clone the repository
mkdir -p ~/applanix_ws/src && cd "$_"
git clone
cd ..

# Build the workspace
colcon build --symlink-install --packages-select applanix_msgs

# Source the workspace
source ~/applanix_ws/install/setup.bash

# Now you can play back the messages

Also make sure to source Autoware Universe workspace too.

Download instructions#

# Install awscli
$ sudo apt update && sudo apt install awscli -y

# This will download the entire dataset to the current directory.
# (About 10.9GB of data)
$ aws s3 sync s3://autoware-files/collected_data/2022-08-22_leo_drive_isuzu_bags/ ./2022-08-22_leo_drive_isuzu_bags  --no-sign-request

# Optionally,
# If you instead want to download a single bag file, you can get a list of the available files with following:
$ aws s3 ls s3://autoware-files/collected_data/2022-08-22_leo_drive_isuzu_bags/ --no-sign-request
   PRE all-sensors-bag1_compressed/
   PRE all-sensors-bag2_compressed/
   PRE all-sensors-bag3_compressed/
   PRE all-sensors-bag4_compressed/
   PRE all-sensors-bag5_compressed/
   PRE all-sensors-bag6_compressed/
   PRE driving_20_kmh_2022_06_10-16_01_55_compressed/
   PRE driving_30_kmh_2022_06_10-15_47_42_compressed/

# Then you can download a single bag file with the following:
aws s3 sync s3://autoware-files/collected_data/2022-08-22_leo_drive_isuzu_bags/all-sensors-bag1_compressed/ ./all-sensors-bag1_compressed  --no-sign-request - lidar ROS 2 bag file and pcap#

This dataset contains pcap files and ros2 bag files from Ouster OS1-64 Lidar. The pcap file and ros2 bag file is recorded in the same time with slight difference in duration.

Click here to download (~553MB)

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