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This page provides specific specifications about the Interface of the Perception Component.
Please refer to the perception architecture reference implementation design for concepts and data flow.


From Map Component#

Name Topic / Service Type Description
Vector Map /map/vector_map autoware_auto_mapping_msgs/msg/HADMapBin HD Map including the information about lanes
Point Cloud Map /service/get_differential_pcd_map autoware_map_msgs/srv/GetDifferentialPointCloudMap Point Cloud Map


  • Point Cloud Map
    • input can be both topic or service, but we highly recommend to use service because since this interface enables processing without being constrained by map file size limits.

From Sensing Component#

Name Topic Type Description
Camera Image /sensing/camera/camera*/image_rect_color sensor_msgs/Image Camera image data, processed with Lens Distortion Correction (LDC)
Camera Image /sensing/camera/camera*/image_raw sensor_msgs/Image Camera image data, not processed with Lens Distortion Correction (LDC)
Point Cloud /sensing/lidar/concatenated/pointcloud sensor_msgs/PointCloud2 Concatenated point cloud from multiple LiDAR sources
Radar Object /sensing/radar/detected_objects autoware_auto_perception_msgs/msg/DetectedObject Radar objects

From Localization Component#

Name Topic Type Description
Vehicle Odometry /localization/kinematic_state nav_msgs/msg/Odometry Ego vehicle odometry topic

From API#

Name Topic Type Description
External Traffic Signals /external/traffic_signals autoware_perception_msgs::msg::TrafficSignalArray The traffic signals from an external system


To Planning#

Please refer to the perception component design for detailed definitions of each output."

Name Topic Type Description
Dynamic Objects /perception/object_recognition/objects autoware_auto_perception_msgs/msg/PredictedObjects Set of dynamic objects with information such as a object class and a shape of the objects. These objects did not exist when the map was generated and are not contained within the map.
Obstacles /perception/obstacle_segmentation/pointcloud sensor_msgs/PointCloud2 Obstacles, including both dynamic objects and static obstacles that requires the ego vehicle either steer clear of them or come to a stop in front of the obstacles.
Occupancy Grid Map /perception/occupancy_grid_map/map nav_msgs/msg/OccupancyGrid The map with the information about the presence of obstacles and blind spot
Traffic Signal /perception/traffic_light_recognition/traffic_signals autoware_perception_msgs::msg::TrafficSignalArray The traffic signal information such as a color (green, yellow, read) and an arrow (right, left, straight)