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This API provides a diagnostic graph consisting of error levels for functional units of Autoware. The system groups functions into arbitrary units depending on configuration and diagnoses their error levels. Each functional unit has dependencies, so the whole looks like a fault tree analysis (FTA). In practice, it becomes a directed acyclic graph (DAG) because multiple parents may share the same child. Below is an example of the diagnostics provided by this API. The path in the diagram is an arbitrary string that describes the functional unit, and the level is its error level. For error level, the same value as diagnostic_msgs/msg/DiagnosticStatus is used.


The diagnostics data has static and dynamic parts, so the API provides these separately for efficiency. Below is an example of a message that corresponds to the above diagram. The static part of the diagnostic is published only once as the DiagGraphStruct that contains nodes and links. The links specify dependencies between nodes by index into an array of nodes. The dynamic part of the diagnostic is published periodically as DiagGraphStatus. The status has an array of nodes of the same length as the struct, with the same index representing the same functional unit.