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Review tips#

Toggle annotations or review comments in the diff view#

There might be some annotations or review comments in the diff view during your review.

To toggle annotations, press the A key.





To toggle review comments, press the I key.

For other keyboard shortcuts, refer to GitHub Docs.

View code in the web-based Visual Studio Code#

You can open Visual Studio Code from your browser to view code in a rich UI. To use it, press the . key on any repository or pull request.

For more detailed usage, refer to github/dev.

Check out the branch of a pull request quickly#

If you want to check out the branch of a pull request, it's generally troublesome with the fork-and-pull model.

# Copy the user name and the fork URL.
git remote add {user-name} {fork-url}
git checkout {user-name}/{branch-name}
git remote rm {user-name} # To clean up

Instead, you can use GitHub CLI to simplify the steps, just run gh pr checkout {pr-number}.

You can copy the command from the top right of the pull request page.