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Evaluating the controller performance#

This page shows how to use control_performance_analysis package to evaluate the controllers.

control_performance_analysis is the package to analyze the tracking performance of a control module and monitor the driving status of the vehicle.

If you need more detailed information about package, refer to the control_performance_analysis.

How to use#

Before Driving#

1. Firstly you need to launch Autoware. You can also use this tool with real vehicle driving#

2. Initialize the vehicle and send goal position to create route#

  • If you have any problem with launching Autoware, please see the tutorials page.

3. Launch the control_performance_analysis package#

ros2 launch control_performance_analysis control_performance_analysis.launch.xml
  • After this command, you should be able to see the driving monitor and error variables in topics.

4. Run the PlotJuggler in sourced terminal#

source ~/autoware/install/setup.bash
ros2 run plotjuggler plotjuggler
  • If you do not have PlotJuggler in your computer, please refer here for installation guideline.

5. Increase the buffer size (maximum is 100), and import the layout from /autoware.universe/control/control_performance_analysis/config/controller_monitor.xml#

  • After import the layout, please specify the topics that are listed below.
  • /localization/kinematic_state
  • /vehicle/status/steering_status
  • /control_performance/driving_status
  • /control_performance/performance_vars
  • Please mark the If present, use the timestamp in the field [header.stamp] box, then select the OK.

Start PlotJuggler

6. Now, you can start to driving. You should see all the performance and driving variables in PlotJuggler#

Controller Monitor

After Driving#

1. You can export the statistical output and all data to compare and later usage#

  • With statistical data, you can export the all statistical values like (min, max, average) to compare the controllers.

CVS Export

  • You can also export all data to later use. To investigate them again, after launch PlotJuggler, import the .cvs file from data section.

Import Data


  • You can plot the vehicle position. Select the two curve (keeping CTRL key pressed) and Drag & Drop them using the RIGHT Mouse button. Please visit the Help -> Cheatsheet in PlotJuggler to see more tips about it.

Plot XY Curve

  • If you see too much noised curve in plots, you can adjust the odom_interval and low_pass_filter_gain from here to avoid noised data.