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Using divided pointcloud map#

Divided pointcloud map is necessary when handling large pointcloud map, in which case Autoware may not be capable of sending the whole map via ROS 2 topic or loading the whole map into memory. By using the pre-divided map, Autoware will dynamically load the pointcloud map according to the vehicle's position.


Download the sample-map-rosbag_split and locate the map under $HOME/autoware_map/.

gdown -O ~/autoware_map/ ''
unzip -d ~/autoware_map/ ~/autoware_map/

Then, you may launch logging_simulator with the following command to load the divided map. Note that you need to specify the map_path and pointcloud_map_file arguments.

source ~/autoware/install/setup.bash
ros2 launch autoware_launch logging_simulator.launch.xml \
  map_path:=$HOME/autoware_map/sample-map-rosbag pointcloud_map_file:=pointcloud_map \
  vehicle_model:=sample_vehicle_split sensor_model:=sample_sensor_kit

For playing rosbag to simulate Autoware, please refer to the instruction in the tutorial for rosbag replay simulation.