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The ROS packages in Autoware have ROS parameters. You need to customize the parameters depending on your applications. It is recommended not to set default values when declaring ROS parameters to avoid unintended behaviors due to accidental use of default values. Instead, set parameters from configuration files named *.param.yaml.

For understanding ROS 2 parameters, also check out the official documentation Understanding parameters.

Parameter files#

Autoware has the following two types of parameter files for ROS packages:

  • Node parameter file
    • Node parameter files store the default parameters provided for each package in Autoware.
    • All nodes in Autoware must have a parameter file if one or more parameters that can be customized by the user are defined.
    • For FOO_package, the parameter is expected to be stored in FOO_package/config.
    • The launch file for individual packages must load node parameter by default:
  <arg name="foo_node_param_path" default="$(find-pkg-share FOO_package)/config/foo_node.param.yaml" />

  <node pkg="FOO_package" exec="foo_node">
    <param from="$(var foo_node_param_path)" />

All the parameter files should have the .param.yaml suffix so that the auto-format can be applied properly.