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Training and Deploying Models#


The Autoware offers a comprehensive array of machine learning models, tailored for a wide range of tasks including 2D and 3D object detection, traffic light recognition and more. These models have been meticulously trained utilizing open-mmlab's extensive repositories. By leveraging the provided scripts and following the training steps, you have the capability to train these models using your own dataset, tailoring them to your specific needs.

Furthermore, you will find the essential conversion scripts to deploy your trained models into Autoware using the mmdeploy repository.

Training traffic light classifier model#

The traffic light classifier model within the Autoware has been trained using the mmlab/pretrained repository. The Autoware offers pretrained models based on EfficientNet-b1 and MobileNet-v2 architectures. To fine-tune these models, a total of 83,400 images were employed, comprising 58,600 for training, 14,800 for evaluation, and 10,000 for testing. These images represent Japanese traffic lights and were trained using TIER IV's internal dataset.

Name Input Size Test Accuracy
EfficientNet-b1 128 x 128 99.76%
MobileNet-v2 224 x 224 99.81%

Comprehensive training instructions for the traffic light classifier model are detailed within the readme file accompanying "traffic_light_classifier" package. These instructions will guide you through the process of training the model using your own dataset. To facilitate your training, we have also provided an example dataset containing three distinct classes (green, yellow, red), which you can leverage during the training process.

Detailed instructions for training the traffic light classifier model can be found here.