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What is SC-A-LOAM?#

  • A real-time LiDAR SLAM package that integrates A-LOAM and ScanContext.

Repository Information#

Required Sensors#

  • LIDAR [VLP-16, HDL-32, HDL-64, Ouster OS1-64]

Prerequisites (dependencies)#

  • ROS
  • GTSAM version 4.x.
  • If GTSAM is not installed, follow the steps below.

      wget -O ~/Downloads/
      cd ~/Downloads/ && unzip -d ~/Downloads/
      cd ~/Downloads/gtsam-4.0.2/
      mkdir build && cd build
      sudo make install -j8

ROS Compatibility#

  • ROS 1

Build & Run#

1) Build#

  • First, install the above mentioned dependencies and follow below lines.

     mkdir -p ~/catkin_scaloam_ws/src
     cd ~/catkin_scaloam_ws/src
     git clone
     cd ../
     source ~/catkin_scaloam_ws/devel/setup.bash

2) Set parameters#

  • After downloading the repository, change topic and sensor settings on the launch files.

Scan Context parameters#

  • If encountering ghosting error or loop is not closed, change the scan context parameters.
  • Adjust the scan context settings with the parameters in the marked area.

3) Run#

roslaunch aloam_velodyne aloam_mulran.launch

4) Saving as PCD file#

  rosrun pcl_ros pointcloud_to_pcd input:=/aft_pgo_map

Example Results#

Riverside 01, MulRan dataset#

  • The MulRan dataset provides lidar scans (Ouster OS1-64, horizontally mounted, 10Hz) and consumer level gps (u-blox EVK-7P, 4Hz) data.
  • About how to use (publishing data) data: see here
  • example videos on Riverside 01 sequence.

    1. with consumer level GPS-based altitude stabilization:
    2. without the z stabilization:
  • example result:


  • For KITTI (HDL-64 sensor), run using the command

    roslaunch aloam_velodyne aloam_velodyne_HDL_64.launch # for KITTI dataset setting


  • Maintainer: