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Radar based 3D detector#



Radar based 3D detector aims for the following:

  • Detecting objects farther than the range of LiDAR-based 3D detection.

Since radar can acquire data from a longer distance than LiDAR (> 100m), when the distance of LiDAR-based 3D detection is insufficient, the radar base 3D detector can be applied. The detection distance of radar based 3D detection depends on the radar device specification.

  • Improving velocity estimation for dynamic objects

Radar can get velocity information and estimate more precise twist information by fused between the objects from LiDAR-based 3D detection radar information. This can lead to improve for the performance of object tracking/prediction and planning like adaptive cruise control.

Whole pipeline#

Radar based 3D detector with radar objects consists of

  • 3D object detection with Radar pointcloud
  • Noise filter
  • Faraway dynamic 3D object detection
  • Radar fusion to LiDAR-based 3D object detection
  • Radar object tracking
  • Merger of tracked object

Radar based 3D detector


  • Input
    • Message type for pointcloud is ros-perception/radar_msgs/msg/RadarScan.msg
    • Message type for radar objects is autoware_auto_perception_msgs/msg/DetectedObject.
      • Input objects need to be concatenated.
      • Input objects need to be compensated with ego motion.
      • Input objects need to be transformed to base_link.
  • Output
    • Tracked objects


Radar pointcloud 3D detection#


Under Construction

Noise filter and radar faraway dynamic 3D object detection#

faraway object detection

This function filters noise objects and detects faraway (> 100m) dynamic vehicles. The main idea is that in the case where LiDAR is used, near range can be detected accurately using LiDAR pointcloud and the main role of radar is to detect distant objects that cannot be detected with LiDAR alone. In detail, please see this document

Radar fusion to LiDAR-based 3D object detection#

This package contains a sensor fusion module for radar-detected objects and 3D detected objects. The fusion node can:

  • Attach velocity to 3D detections when successfully matching radar data. The tracking modules use the velocity information to enhance the tracking results while planning modules use it to execute actions like adaptive cruise control.
  • Improve the low confidence 3D detections when corresponding radar detections are found.

Radar object tracking#


Under Construction

Merger of tracked object#


Under Construction


Customize own radar interface#

The perception interface of Autoware is defined to DetectedObjects, TrackedObjects, and PredictedObjects, however, other message is defined by own cases. For example, DetectedObjectWithFeature is used by customized message in perception module.

Same as that, you can adjust new radar interface. For example, RadarTrack doesn't have orientation information from past discussions, especially this discussion. If you want orientation information, you can adapt radar ROS driver to publish directly to TrackedObject.