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The gnss_poser is a node that subscribes gnss sensing messages and calculates vehicle pose with covariance.

This node subscribes to NavSatFix to publish the pose of base_link. The data in NavSatFix represents the antenna's position. Therefore, it performs a coordinate transformation using the tf from base_link to the antenna's position. The frame_id of the antenna's position refers to NavSatFix's header.frame_id. (Note that header.frame_id in NavSatFix indicates the antenna's frame_id, not the Earth or reference ellipsoid. See also NavSatFix definition.)

If the transformation from base_link to the antenna cannot be obtained, it outputs the pose of the antenna position without performing coordinate transformation.

Inner-workings / Algorithms#

Inputs / Outputs#


Name Type Description
/map/map_projector_info tier4_map_msgs::msg::MapProjectorInfo map projection info
~/input/fix sensor_msgs::msg::NavSatFix gnss status message
~/input/autoware_orientation autoware_sensing_msgs::msg::GnssInsOrientationStamped orientation click here for more details


Name Type Description
~/output/pose geometry_msgs::msg::PoseStamped vehicle pose calculated from gnss sensing data
~/output/gnss_pose_cov geometry_msgs::msg::PoseWithCovarianceStamped vehicle pose with covariance calculated from gnss sensing data
~/output/gnss_fixed tier4_debug_msgs::msg::BoolStamped gnss fix status


Core Parameters#

Name Type Description Default Range
base_frame string frame id for base_frame base_link N/A
gnss_base_frame string frame id for gnss_base_frame gnss_base_link N/A
map_frame string frame id for map_frame map N/A
use_gnss_ins_orientation boolean use Gnss-Ins orientation true N/A
gnss_pose_pub_method integer 0: Instant Value 1: Average Value 2: Median Value. If 0 is chosen buffer_epoch parameter loses affect. 0 ≥0
buff_epoch integer Buffer epoch 1 ≥0

Assumptions / Known limits#

(Optional) Error detection and handling#

(Optional) Performance characterization#

(Optional) Future extensions / Unimplemented parts#